Do you have a dream you cannot forget?
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  2. falleri said: Several.. Although if I try to remember now my mind goes blank of course. :)
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  4. spacecatparty said: This big, green lizard lounging beside my bed, won’t move. At least I can warm my legs on its back.
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  6. dandelady said: I dreamed my best friend’s dad was a mad scientist who learned how to transplant human souls into animal bodies. His first successful procedure was transplanting my best friend’s soul into a beluga whale. It was sad, sad, sad…
  7. givehappy said: I used to have a recurring dream that I would show up to class (in college) for the first time, and it was actually the day of the midterm. Stress!
  8. timschreder said: ?
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  10. helloimmrburns said: A few.
  11. limitlesscorrosion said: I’m falling down a staircase in a black void. Nothing else except for walls of masks laughing at me. I reach the end of the stair and plummet into the black. I wake up.
  12. cabidapardus said: since I was 5 years old
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  14. tothetaiga said: A dream where I was on a spiral staircase and was being taught how to gracefully die by looking into a mirror and only seeing in it the tunnel that two mirrors facing each other creates, no face.
  15. buenam0ta said: yes
  16. neon0561 said: yes
  17. strawge said: just living dreaming
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